April 23, 2013


We know you miss the sale and we have been planning this for a while. Now, it's the time! The three most popular items were chosen in this sale, Mini films, Wide films and Jelly Albums. They are now available in ecrater under ON SALE category, simply click here to direct you. **This sale will end in April 30, 2013.

November 18, 2012

Promoting Instax Mini 8 Camera

Let's watch this promotion video of Instax mini 8 camera by Japan.
When we compare instax mini 8 to 7s, we found that it is 10% smaller than 7s and a On/Off button next to the lens which you will not need to turn it on manually. A Hi-key mode is added to Instax mini 8, which let us take pictures with higher exposure.

November 17, 2012

Christmas time

More for Christmas!!
New release of Christmas mini films with x'mas themes on every instax pictures and it is ready to order on ecrater.

November 15, 2012

New Camera released - Instax Mini 8

Yes, a whole new camera released right before Christmas!! A new generation from Instax mini 7s cameras.
Films: Instax mini films
Lens: f=60mm 1:12.7
Electronic Shutter: 1/60s
Focus length: 0.6m - ∞ (0.35m with close-up lens)
Flash range: <2.7m
Exposure: Manual exposure compensation
Battery: 2xAA batteries
Size: 116mm×118.3mm×68.2mm
Weight: 307g (body only)
Price: $120/each (comes with camera strap, 2xAA batteries, warranty card and close-up lens)
Colours: White, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Black

All cameras are now ready on ecrater!!

November 11, 2012

Price updates

The prices for Toy story film has been adjusted to $15/each and wedding films to $14/each.
Both will be expired in 2014 and stock are limited, order them now through ecrater.